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What are the Most Popular Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeries in Canada?

The popularity of cosmetic reconstruction dates back to as early as 2500 BC and has continued to evolve across various cultures and civilizations. History says that our ancestors highly regarded beauty and subscribed to aesthetic ideals.

Fast forward to today. Medical technology has made the process more sophisticated, accepted, and prevalent among both genders. As a result, many men and women go the cosmetic and plastic surgery route not just to improve their self-image but to be on top of their game – in their careers, relationships, and overall well-being.

Let’s delve deeper into the popularity of these procedures and how they have become more accessible to all, not just the rich and famous. 

Table of Contents

Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Surgery: What’s The Difference?

Popular Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeries

What Has Caused the Surge in These Procedures? 

Top 10 Most Popular Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeries in Canada

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Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Surgery: What’s The Difference?

Though often used interchangeably, cosmetic surgery is just a subspecialty of plastic surgery. Plastic surgery has a broader scope encompassing the reconstruction of deformed faces and body parts caused by injury, illness, or congenital disabilities. 

On the other hand, cosmetic surgery refers to adjusting or reshaping a person’s natural form, such as the nose or breasts, generally for aesthetic purposes.  

All cosmetic surgeries are plastic surgeries, but not all plastic surgeries are cosmetic surgeries. Other plastic surgery subspecialties include craniomaxillofacial surgery, hand surgery, migraine surgery, cleft palate surgery, melanoma surgery, and breast reconstruction.

With the explosion of surgical procedure advancements, social media, and people’s fixation on selfies and self-care, plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery has become more commonplace.

A demographic of millennials wanting celebrity-like features means aesthetic aspirations have become part of self-care journeys. Having a nip and tuck was not something that was freely discussed before. Now, the stigma has softened, and the demand has grown over the years. 

What Has Caused the Surge in These Procedures? 

There are a few reasons this growth is attributed to. 

Self Care as a Philosophy

Taking care of ourselves to promote holistic wellness also extends to the need for self-empowerment. This includes, for many, improving the way we look and feel. In addition, this principle encourages us to foster a good relationship with ourselves, so we can positively impact our environment. 

Cosmetic enhancements help boost confidence and self-esteem, and when people feel good, they have a better chance of combating stress and improving their overall well-being. 

Better Health

Plastic surgery, and even some cosmetic surgery procedures, restore or promote the proper function of body parts. For example, some go through rhinoplasty to kill two birds with one stone – correct their breathing difficulties, and make their nose more visually pleasing. Likewise, those who have had their breasts removed due to cancer may opt to have breast implants to restore their body’s feminine contour.

Career Growth

In a society that pays homage to good looks, some people choose to enhance their physical appearance to increase their competitiveness in the workplace. However, those whose work hinges a lot on how they look, like actors, models, client-facing professionals, or influencers, know that with all else being equal, looking better than their competition could give them an edge in terms of promotion and career path.

Access to the World Stage

The rise of social media, vlogs, and influencer clout have made celebrities out of ordinary people. An increase in followers means gaining fame. In today’s world, where anyone can be a celebrity online, looking like one may require some physical changes. To stay in their game, the need for cosmetic enhancement has become imperative for many, especially for those in the beauty and fitness content creation business.

Advanced Medical Technology

The advancement of plastic and cosmetic surgery technology over the recent years has also tremendously contributed to its popularity. 

Many procedures are now more accessible, less invasive, less risky, and require less recovery, making them more appealing to the public now than ever.

Surgical enhancements have become more prevalent and are crossing from luxury to ordinary.  

People now have access to innovative, quick, and straightforward procedures like injectable fillers or liquid rhinoplasty and get back to work.

In Canada, common cosmetic procedures range from extensive to minimally invasive done on both women and men, but what plastic surgery is the most popular?

Here are the top 10 surgeries most requested by Canadians in 2022. 


This increase has been attributed to the shift to online work since 2020, forcing many workers to face screens for hours. In addition, the ”Zoom boom” has taken its toll on users’ faces, and the demand for facelift procedures has increased since the pandemic began.  

Even before the virtual work set up, facelifts were Canadians’ most demanded surgical procedure. 

Neck Lift 

A neck lift follows closely at the heels of facelifts in the popular procedure race. This procedure is usually done together with the facelift for a more continuous and cohesive look. It involves removing some excess skin to tighten and smoothen the neck skin. 

Breast Augmentation

This entails inserting a biocompatible implant behind the breast tissue or chest muscle through an incision on the side of the breast. Breast augmentation is very common worldwide.


This procedure is done by reshaping the nose structure to enhance its appearance or help with breathing difficulties or injuries. An incision is made in the columella, or the space between the nostrils, to reshape the nasal bone and cartilage. 


Also called eyelid surgery, this procedure corrects droopy eyelids and gives the eyes a more opened-up look. It also reduces eye puffiness, especially in the under-eye area. It’s done by making an incision along the eye fold or the natural crease of the upper or lower lid, removing excess skin, muscle, or fat, and then closing it up.

Breast Lift

A breast lift does not involve implants like a breast augmentation but is done by lifting the breast by removing excess skin, tissue, and fat. Often, a breast augmentation procedure is combined with this for optimal results.

Breast Reduction

This procedure is done by surgically removing excess fats, tissue, or muscle to reduce the size of the breast and ease discomfort in women. Men with gynecomastia or breast enlargement also opt for this procedure to give their chest a more masculine appearance.  

Butt Lift

More Canadians seem to be conscious of their rear appeal and consider getting a butt lift to improve their body shapes. This is surgically done by getting fat from other body parts like the thighs or the abdomen and transferring it to the butt to give it a more plump and round look.


Though technically non-surgical, we’ve included Botox to underscore how minimally invasive procedures are becoming a hot trend in Canada’s beauty scene. Botulinum Toxin Type A is a non-invasive procedure requiring only injections to block neurotransmitters, thereby reducing the formation of facial wrinkles. 

Botox was the most popularly searched procedure online in 2021 regarding search volume.

Hair Transplant

Popular with many Canadian men, this procedure is done by getting hair strands from the hairy part of the scalp and then planting them onto the bald and thinning areas. 

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