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Plastic Surgery Financing: Everything You Need to Know

Plastic surgery is a popular solution for many. But with high prices and expensive fees, potential clients have been put off the idea before the treatment starts. 

However, did you know that there are easy financing methods that can help you achieve the results you desire without breaking the bank in the process? That’s right, financing for plastic surgery can help you get the cosmetic treatment you want without paying the large cost upfront. Instead, financing companies will allow you to pay the costs back in manageable amounts over a more extended period. 

So, if you’ve been thinking about a particular procedure, don’t worry about the significant upfront costs! Instead, consider plastic surgery financing from a trusted company, like Beautifi. 

Table of Contents

Common Procedures That Can Receive Financing

Benefits of Plastic Surgery Financing

How To Choose A Good Plastic Surgery Lender

How To Apply With Beautifi

Plastic Surgery Financing FAQs 

How Can Beautifi Help?

Common Procedures That Can Receive Financing

These procedures are here to improve your mental and physical well-being. From a boost of self-confidence to extra comfort, put yourself first today.

Most common plastic surgeries are available on financing plans, regardless of whether healthcare plans cover them. 

Some of the top procedures covered by Beautifi include:

● Rhinoplasty

● Breast Augmentation

● Tummy Tucks

● Mommy Makeovers

● Dental Surgeries

● Botox Injections

Regarding financing, we have options for all surgeries, including some of the most popular choices. Want to see if your desired procedure is available? Explore our plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures here. 

Benefits of Plastic Surgery Financing

When deciding to undergo plastic surgery, there are a lot of decisions you need to make. Always remember to weigh up your options, and talk decisions through with loved ones or a medical provider for a professional opinion. 

Results You Desire Faster

One of the main benefits of plastic surgery financing is faster results. Often, enormous upfront costs leave clients waiting longer to save up money. This delays the procedure and all the positive effects that come with it. However, when you use financing, you don’t have to wait – ideal for anyone who wants to achieve a new look in no time.

Help Every Step of the Way

When you work with a plastic surgery financing team like Beautifi, you can access personalized advice every step of the journey. Understanding which options are best for you can be challenging, but with an experienced team, you can easily navigate the process.

No Need to Involve Insurance

While insurance providers cover specific procedures, most cosmetic procedures aren’t covered. Financing makes plastic surgery more accessible to those who don’t want to pay the hefty fees upfront. 

Affordable Payments

Financing companies are here to help you, so you’ll always pay the loan back in affordable payments that meet your budget. But, here at Beautifi, your finances come first. 

Quick and Easy Approval 

Many potential clients worry about whether they’ll be accepted for plastic surgery financing. However, most financing companies offer easy approval, and many get approved in seconds. So none of your time will be wasted!

How To Choose A Good Plastic Surgery Lender

If you’re ready to start financing for plastic surgery, consider these factors before settling on a lender. These categories will help you achieve a fulfilling experience and the best results.

Online Services

Firstly, an excellent plastic surgery lender will offer online services. As more business migrates online, it’s a sign of a trustworthy company if they have comprehensive online help and remote services. An online experience means you have access to more information, faster response times, and 

No-Pre Payment Penalties

Reputable plastic surgery lenders won’t include extra costs or pesky hidden fees. In addition, no-prepayment penalties signify that your lender is putting your financial needs first. 

Flexible Services

Another good sign is if your provider allows flexible services. For example, Beautifi enables you to repay part or all of your loan at any time, with absolutely no pre-payment penalty or fee.

Helpful Resources

When you work with a plastic surgery lender, you want to be sure they’ve got your best interests at heart. Helpful guides, informative resources, and connections to professional surgeons show that the company values your experience. 

Good Reviews

Finally, good reviews and positive feedback from previous clients are an essential green flag. If others have benefitted from the company’s services, you will too!

How To Apply With Beautifi

When you’re ready to take the next step towards your goals, the Beautifi team is here to help. Beautifi lets you enjoy flexible plastic surgery financing for elective procedures not covered by healthcare plans.

We’re dedicated to helping our clients achieve the procedure they want without extra fuss, stress, or costs. You can apply online in minutes and get approved in seconds! Getting approved is fast and easy.

Getting Started

To get approved for Beautifi financing, you only need to complete three simple steps. 

  1. Firstly, apply online and get approved within seconds. Our application form is 100% online, optimized for your comfort, and won’t impact your credit score!
  2. Once you’re approved, it’s time to book an appointment. Beautifi’s experienced team works with you to formulate a custom plan that suits your needs. We offer terms ranging from 6 months to 6 years, ensuring that the fixed monthly payments are affordable and within your budget.
  3. Finally, it’s time to get started! We handle payments with your medical professional, allowing you to relax and focus on what really matters. 

 Learn more about Beautifi’s flexible financing here.

Plastic Surgery Financing FAQs 

Confused? No problem! Here are some of the most common questions about financing for plastic surgery. 

Do I Need a Cosigner to Start My Loan?

Depending on your credit score, you might need a cosigner to start your Beautifi plastic surgery process. Lower credit scores may require cosigners, and we’ll guide you through the steps if they apply to you. Contact our team today for personalized advice about cosigners and other approval questions if you’re unsure about your credit score. 

Will My Loan Cover the Full Cost of My Surgery?

Beautifi is all about flexibility. Choose to finance some or all of your chosen procedure or surgery. We pay your medical professional directly, so the decision to cover the total cost of your surgery or just a portion it’s all up to you!

What is the Interest Rate for Plastic Surgery Financing?

Interest rates are essential when paying back a loan and will differ depending on your credit score. Of course, great credit will provide a lower interest rate, while lower credit could result in a slightly higher rate. Therefore, keep your credit score in mind when applying for any financing. If your score is lower, you might want to take some time to boost your score.

How Can Beautifi Help?

Are you ready to get started with your procedure journey? Beautifi is here to help. Our team specializes in affordable payments and flexible funding. 

Want to know more? Explore our application process here, and fill out an application today!