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New Year’s Resolutions: Prepare for Your Cosmetic Procedure

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2023 can be a new beginning. Many of us want to usher in the new year with a new and improved look. Because we want to look and feel better, cosmetic procedures allow us to outwardly reflect the inner changes we wish to manifest. 

But how do you prepare for a procedure for the new year? What are the things you need to factor in? Whether it’s a better nose, fuller lips, better skin, or something else, we’re here to help. This article will take you through people’s most common procedures. We’ll also list aspects for which you need to be ready, including plastic surgery costs.

Let us help you prepare for a better, more confident new year. Let’s get started!

Table of Contents

Most Common Cosmetic Procedures

Preparing for Your Procedure

Plastic Surgery Cost: Paying for Your Procedure


Most Common Cosmetic Procedures

If you’re considering a cosmetic procedure, you’re not alone. Here are some of the most popular cosmetic procedures:

● Breast enlargement and breast implant removal

Breast lift with or without implants

● Reshaping of cheeks, chin, and jaw

● Microdermabrasion

Eyelid lift 


Forehead lift

Hair transplantation or replacement

Lip augmentation

Lower body lift

Reshaping of the nose (rhinoplasty)

Thigh lift

Tummy tuck 

Upper arm lift 


● Chemical peel

Fat or collagen injections

● Laser resurfacing of the skin 

● Laser treatment for leg veins

Vaginal rejuvenation

Preparing for Your Procedure

Research and planning are keys to a smooth cosmetic procedure without unpleasant surprises. Here are the things you need to prepare for:

Research the Procedure You Want 

Whether it’s a tummy tuck, Botox, chemical peel, or nose surgery, find out as much as possible about it. Look into:

● How it’s done

● Its advantages and disadvantages

● How long the procedure takes

● How much it costs

● Where can you have it done

● What kind of doctor and specializations do you need for it

● The recovery time

● If you need to spend time as an inpatient

● Activities and maintenance you may have to do after the procedure

Doing some initial research will help you decide if a specific cosmetic procedure is right for you. If you choose to go ahead, you can ask your doctor more insightful questions and be less anxious since you have a better idea of what to expect.

Consider Your Health

Before you dive in, speak to your general practitioner about your overall health. Then, consider if you’re well enough to handle the procedure you’re eyeing. 

Heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, autoimmune disorders, and other major health conditions may compromise your body’s ability to cope and heal. As a result, you may need to rethink your procedure for the sake of your overall health.

Find the Right Specialist

Whether it’s a cosmetic surgeon or dermatologist you need, take the time to find the right specialist. Then, make an appointment and consult a few until you find someone with the necessary experience, background, and education. Conversations with different specialists will allow you to compare and find the best one for your needs. 

When meeting with different doctors, talk to them about what you want to have done, your medical history, the cost of the procedure, and any concerns you may have. How they answer your questions and deal with your concerns will tell you a lot about their abilities and bedside manner. After all, it’s important to feel comfortable and confident in your doctor’s skills and knowledge to provide compassionate patient care.

You may feel some apprehension about the procedure. Don’t be shy and discuss them with your practitioner. They should be able to prepare you for what’s going to happen, inform you about any risks and side effects, and advise you on whether it’s the ideal procedure for you. If you feel uncomfortable with a specialist, keep looking.

Have Reasonable Expectations

Cosmetic procedures can help you enhance your looks, but they won’t turn you into a whole other person. While it sounds obvious, this needs to be reiterated because having expectations that are too high can cause disappointment and frustration. You should also remember that specific procedures may cause swelling in the affected area, so you won’t see the desired results overnight.

The closer your expectations match the results, the more pleased you’ll be with the procedure. To set the right expectations, talk to your doctor in detail about your expectations and prognosis. Then, ask as many questions as you need to determine if the results you want can be done with the procedure.

Also, remember that cosmetic procedures aren’t the solution for mental health and emotional issues like depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem. You may want to start the new year with a new and improved you, but if you have an underlying issue, it needs to be addressed by a counselor, psychologist, or psychiatrist.

Consider the Risks

Cosmetic procedures each have their own risks. However, knowing them is essential so you can make an informed decision about whether to go through with it. For cosmetic surgery, some examples of complications include scarring, infections, bleeding, nerve injury, and anesthesia-related issues.

Knowing about the risks will allow you to prepare mentally and help you deal with them should any complications occur. Of course, a good surgeon will mitigate and manage such risks as much as possible. 

Plan for Recovery

Does the procedure you want require you to spend time in the hospital? How much time do you need to heal? Are you required to stay home while recuperating? What are the things you cannot do while recovering?

The more invasive the procedure, the higher the chance you’ll need a longer recovery time. You may need to stay in the hospital for a few days, limit your activities, avoid getting the area wet, etc. 

Create a recovery plan with your doctor and make the necessary arrangements so you can heal quickly without setbacks. For example, take time off work if necessary, reschedule meetings, ask someone to help you with chores — whatever you need.

If you ignore your doctor’s orders, you risk developing complications and may not get the results you’d hoped for. This would be a shame, given all your effort, time, and expense.

Plastic Surgery Cost: Paying for Your Procedure

It’s a well-known fact that cosmetic procedures aren’t cheap. They are, after all, a luxury. The most affordable cosmetic procedures are injectables and superficial skin treatments like microdermabrasion, Botox, and dermal fillers, but even these can cost hundreds of dollars. 

Cosmetic surgery, which is more complex and invasive, will cost significantly more. However, this doesn’t mean cosmetic procedures are out of your reach. Beautifi offers plastic surgery financing. It’s the best way to finance cosmetic surgery because patients can split the total cost of cosmetic procedures into more affordable monthly payments. 

Whether you need payment plans for boob jobs, are looking to finance Botox, or need a payment plan for rhinoplasty, you can get a medical loan for plastic surgery. To explore a payment plan for cosmetic surgery, you can use Beautifi’s cosmetic surgery loan calculator. You can get an estimate of your monthly payments for different loan amounts, loan terms, and credit ratings and apply for financing.


Knowing how to prepare for your procedure will help you plan accordingly, manage your expectations, and be satisfied with its results. Though it may take more time and effort, extra preparation will help you ensure that everything goes smoothly, from finding the right practitioner to achieving the incredible start you want this 2023.