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Six-Pack Abs Without Altering Your Lifestyle? It’s Possible! 

Six-Pack Abs Without Altering Your Lifestyle?

There are only so many sets of hardstyle planks, dead bugs, reverse crunches, dumbbell side bends, and barbell back squats that you can do to make your abs stand out. However, if you already have a solid fitness routine but are still having a hard time getting those abs — cosmetic surgery can come to the rescue. 

However, understand whether abdominal etching is suitable for your current lifestyle. Only then can you start looking up the six-pack plastic surgery costpayment plans for plastic surgery, and cosmetic surgery financing in Canada.

Today we will talk of abdominal etching or six-pack liposculpture, determine who’s an ideal candidate for the procedure, and break down the actual procedure. 

We’ll also discuss different ways of financing liposuction and how to find dependable plastic surgeons that offer financing solutions. Keep reading!

Table of Contents

What You Need To Know About Abdominal Etching

Who Is the Ideal Candidate for Six-Pack Abs?

What Can You Expect From an Abdominal Etching Session?

What Type of Financing Can Cover the Plastic Surgery Cost?

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What You Need To Know About Abdominal Etching

Here’s a rundown of everything you need to know about abdominal etching or six-pack liposculpture before you schedule the procedure or research the best way to finance cosmetic surgery:

● The liposuction procedure is an outpatient procedure designed to enhance the appearance of your toned stomach and create more defined six-pack abs.

● The targeted liposuction treatment removes fat deposits in an otherwise toned midsection to eliminate them and make your abs look more prominent.

● Although it’s a low-risk outpatient procedure, abdominal etching still requires some downtime so that you can recover properly from post-procedure swelling.

● Studies have shown that 98% of people are satisfied with the results.

Who Is the Ideal Candidate for Six-Pack Abs?

To minimize the risk of complications, you have to sit down with your cosmetic surgeon and determine whether you’re a suitable candidate for the procedure. Determining your eligibility beforehand would also save you a lot of time researching plastic surgery financing and your loan options.

These are the basic requirements for ideal candidates:

● You live a generally healthy lifestyle

● You have no life-threatening health conditions

● You are less than 30% away from your ideal weight

● Your muscles are toned, and your skin is firm

● You don’t have obesity

● You don’t smoke

On a related note, you might want to discuss your anesthesia options with the cosmetic surgeon beforehand. This way, you can determine whether you’re ready for it and if you’re healthy enough to get administered a specific type of anesthetic.

What Can You Expect From an Abdominal Etching Session?

Abdominal etching is a lot like traditional liposuction — the difference is that it focuses on the stubborn fat deposits surrounding your abdominal muscles. The cosmetic surgery carves off the fat deposits from your midsection to deepen your muscles’ natural groove and instantaneously make your abs look toned after the swelling heals.

Here’s an overview of the actual procedure, which typically takes an hour:

● The doctor will mark the target areas around your waist and midsection that need to be enhanced. It may feel like having six-pack abs drawn onto your torso.

● The doctor or their staff will apply a foam dressing — the exact replica of the drawing on your body — then administer general or local anesthesia. The type of anesthesia depends on what you and your doctor decide is most suitable for you.

● Once the skin on your midsection is numb due to the anesthesia, the doctor will carefully make ports or incisions, then drain out the targeted fat deposits and other body fluids with a scalpel and a cannula pump.

● The doctor will close and dress the incisions, then apply a compression garment around your midsection to help the targeted area heal properly. Meanwhile, the foam dressing placed on your torso pre-surgery will remain under the garment.

● Once the anesthesia wears off and the temporary swelling starts, be mindful of keeping the compression garment on and being careful with your physical movements for 4 to 6 weeks or until the doctor says it’s safe to return to normal life. 

Abdominal etching is specifically for your waistline, abs, and midsection. You would need to schedule other liposuction types to target different body parts that need definition. 

That said, note the common side effects of liposuction procedures include the following:

● Swelling

● Fluid accumulation

● Bruising and skin discoloration

● Nerve damage and blood vessel damage

● Anesthesia-related headaches

● Bumpy or lumpy skin

If you notice green or yellow-tinged pus coming from the site of the liposuction procedure, please schedule a doctor’s appointment immediately.

Once the side effects subside — your waist and midsection will get used to your more defined torso. This is when you’ll really start appreciating the results of the procedure. 

Take a look at feedback from previously published reports about abdominal etching:

●     98% of participants were pleased with the results 27 months post-procedure

● Patients may get back to strenuous activities 5 days after the surgery, depending on how quickly their body recovers — the standard healing time is two weeks

Keep in mind that natural aging, pregnancy, weight gain, and medication that affects body weight may affect the permanent results of abdominal etching.

What Type of Financing Can Cover the Plastic Surgery Cost?

Once your cosmetic surgeon deems you a suitable candidate for abdominal etching, the next step is to explore your options for plastic surgery loans in Canada

Determine how you will pay for the procedure by researching whether you qualify for a cosmetic surgery loan and where you can get flexible cosmetic surgery financing in Canada

It’s not as common as other types of cosmetic surgery. However, securing a six-pack liposculpture payment plan is similar to obtaining finance for tummy tuckfinancing a nose job, or processing breast implant financing in Canada. With the right provider, you can take plastic surgery loans without too much of a hassle.

As a dependable provider of plastic surgery financing options, we can help you prepare a flexible payment plan for cosmetic surgery. Our staff will assess your situation and requirements, then draw up the most suitable liposuction payment plan for you.

Get Six-Pack Abs With Beautifi

Liposuction generally costs between $4,000 to $10,000, depending on the areas you want to target and how many procedures you plan to get. 

For example, some patients interested in abdominal etching want to tone their arms and thighs alongside their six-pack liposculpture to have a more evenly toned physique overall.

Discuss your expectations with your surgeon to get an estimate of the total plastic surgery cost. Then, start looking for liposuction financing options with Beautifi, which strives for accessibility and flexibility in liposuction monthly payments.

Our team will walk you through plastic surgery financing in Canada and answer all your concerns, so you know exactly what you’ll get out of it. You can get over $25,000 in plastic surgery loans with us without any money down or pre-payment penalties. In addition to plastic surgery loans in Canada, we can also help you find a reputable cosmetic surgeon. 

Visit Beautifi to learn how cosmetic procedure financing works and discover the best cosmetic surgery financing rates. Then, start your online application process today!