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Full Disclosure: What is Full-Body Liposuction?

Liposuction is a targeted method of reducing stubborn body fat in areas that are not responding to weight loss efforts. It’s best suited for people who need help with their problem areas like the abdomen, cheeks, thighs, flanks, hips, arms, or buttocks. 

This procedure can only remove a maximum of 5 liters of fat; anything more could be risky. As such, it is suited for those who only have specific parts they need to deal with, not the whole body in general.

However, if you are struggling with your excess weight or obesity and in need of a good jumpstart for your fat-to-fit journey, the full-body liposuction procedure might work better for you.

Table of Contents

High Volume Liposuction

What Is Liposuction?

Full-Body Liposuction: Managing Expectations

Frequently Asked Questions about Liposuction

Shape Up Now, Pay Later – How Beautifi Can Help

High Volume Liposuction

Are you overwhelmed by your weight issues? 

A full-body liposuction procedure that can help with substantial fat loss is now available thanks to medical advancements. If done right, it can be a good motivator for your weight loss journey. Unlike conventional liposuction, full-body liposuction works to reduce fat from all over the body.   

While still not a magical or permanent solution for weight loss, it can give you immediate results that you can maintain through workout routines and a weight management diet. It’s like getting a friendly push in the right direction.

But before we dive deep into full-body liposuction details, let’s first know what conventional liposuction is.

What Is Liposuction?

Liposuction is a surgical procedure done on body parts to loosen and remove excess fat deposits between the skin and muscle through suction. It became famous in the 80s and has continued to be one of the most requested cosmetic and plastic surgeries worldwide. 

Undoubtedly, it has helped millions deal with their flabby body parts, but its limitations have kept it from significantly assisting plus-sized individuals with their overall body bulk. 

A patient may be allowed, subject to the 5-liter fat limit, to have more than one body part liposuction procedure done at a time. However, this will still depend on the surgeon’s assessment of the patient’s condition. Generally, regular liposuction is not done on multiple body parts in just one session.

With full-body liposuction, this cap is lifted, if the patient is deemed qualified for it.

Full-Body Liposuction: Managing Expectations

Right off the bat, it’s important to state that full-body liposuction is not a substitute for exercise, diet, or even gastric bypass. Liposuction, whether regular or full-body, is more about contouring the body to its ideal shape and is not offered as a means to long-term weight loss. 

However, full-body liposuction can help patients lose a significant amount of fat and weight compared to regular liposuction. 

Also called large volume liposuction, this procedure is designed for overweight or obese individuals. It simultaneously removes pockets of unwanted fats in at least five areas of the body. Compared to non-full body liposuction, this procedure is more extensive, but the resulting contour’s longevity will still depend on the patient. 

Gaining back fat in the surrounding parts of the treated areas is likely if the procedure is not reinforced by fitness and diet disciplines. Also, the procedure does not eliminate cellulitis or tighten saggy skin.

Some patients combine liposuction with other treatments, like a tummy tuck, to achieve optimal results.

Frequently Asked Questions about Liposuction

Who Qualifies For Full Body Liposuction?

● People who are obese or overweight by 30-50 pounds 

● Those who have no serious medical condition

● Those who have realistic expectations of the procedure

● Those who a primary care physician has cleared for the surgery 

● Those who have passed proper medical and psychological evaluation by specialists 

How Much Weight Do You Lose For Liposuction?

Before surgery, patients are advised to get as close to their aspired body weight as possible through a healthy lifestyle. A candidate’s BMI will be part of the overall assessment but is not used as the sole basis for a candidate’s qualification. Potential patients are evaluated holistically. 

After the surgery, the weight you lose depends on how much fat and fluids are removed from your body. Localized body liposuction usually removes 4 to 5 liters of fat, equivalent to around 5 to 8 pounds of lost weight. Patients who want to lose more are advised to divide their treatments with at least a month of gap in between for each body part.

With high volume liposuction, it’s now medically possible and safe to remove more than 5 liters of fat which could result in a loss of up to 11 pounds or more, depending on the extent and amount of fat removal done.

How Soon Can You See Results?

Post-surgery, some swelling and bloating may make the patient’s body look the same or even bigger than pre-surgery. It usually takes 1 to 3 months before the final results become evident. 

How Long Does Liposuction Last?

It will largely depend on the patient. The treated areas may still have some remaining fat cells that could grow if the new weight and shape are not maintained through diet and physical activities. 

The good news is that your body is now in better shape, giving you an excellent place to start your fitness journey. It would be less likely for new fat cells to grow in the treated area, and your sculpted body will be easier to maintain with proper discipline.  

What is Liposuction Good For?

Full-body liposuction can be a ticket to reaching your aesthetic and wellness goals. But like any ticket, you should get on board and stay the course. 

Full-body liposuction can alter the body silhouette and provide health benefits, too. Many patients have seen a healthy improvement in their pulse rate, blood pressure, blood sugar level, and cholesterol level. 

What are the Potential Risks and Side Effects of Liposuction?

Liposuction, like any other form of surgery, comes with potential risks. That’s why a certified and experienced specialist must do this procedure. Without a proper medical assessment before surgery and a lack of proficiency in handling, you risk dehydration, bleeding, infection, fluid accumulation, organ problems, shock, nerve damage, adverse anesthesia reaction, or contour irregularities. 

A skilled specialist can manage and minimize these risks, safely perform the procedure, and deliver optimal results.

How Soon Can You Recover? 

It will take at least six weeks for the incisions to heal and for the bruising and swelling to subside entirely. 

Immediately after the operation, you will be fitted with a garment to help keep your body’s new shape and a compression garment after a week, when your sutures are removed. 

Rest is required for at least one week after the surgery. Avoid baths or showers within the first few days post-operation. 

Patients are advised not to do any strenuous activity within the first month after surgery. 

Follow-up visits are necessary to check the patient’s progress and healing. 

Where Can You Have Liposuction?

To have a safe and effective procedure, choose an accredited facility with a board-certified and experienced plastic surgery specialist. Check the surgeon’s credentials and research if the facility is reputable, well-equipped, and has proper protocols in place. 

How Much Does Full Body Liposuction Cost?

The cost varies per location. It also depends on the extent and amount of liposuction, the technique, the facility, the surgeon, and the patient. The average cost is around $4,000 to $10,000 per body part. Some upscale facilities may charge more than this. 

Shape Up Now, Pay Later – How Beautifi Can Help

Full-body liposuction is not a cheap treatment and requires being physically, emotionally, and financially prepared for it. However, if your current budget is still short, but you want to avail yourself of the best procedure, Beautifi may have the solution for you.

We offer flexible loans to help you afford your dream shape without compromising quality and safety. In addition, we provide you with the tools to find the best medical provider, along with tips and guides about liposuction so you can make informed decisions before undergoing your procedure. 

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