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Amazing Rhinoplasty

Rated 5 out of 5
10 months ago

Had an amazing rhinoplasty experience! Great surgeon and the staff of the clinic are all incredibly nice and helpful people!! Best in Vancouver for sure👌

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I couldn't have picked a better surgeon

Rated 5 out of 5
10 months ago

I couldn’t have picked a better surgeon for my Rhinoplasty. I wanted one my whole life and decided it was time. I had been watching a lot of the show ” Botched” and was afraid of that happening to me, but also learned some great tips from that show on what to look for. I did a lot of research and felt the most confident about Dr. Bounississi. His website is very informative. There was tons of information about rhinoplasty as well as videos. The whole staff at 8West clinic was amazing! I live over seas, so I was coming very far away for this surgery. They made it as easy and stress free as possible for me.

Dr Bounississi himself comes across as very friendly, charismatic, kind, funny, and professional. I liked him right away and felt very comfortable with him. The surgery itself was a easy process. I thought it would be much worse. The pain was minimal, and healing was fast. I am very happy with the results. It has been just over a month and my nose is steal healing, but it looks fantastic. I would recommend Dr Bounississi to anyone who is considering rhinoplasty.

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Dre D

HIGHLY recommend

Rated 5 out of 5
10 months ago

If you want to get rhinoplasty in Vancouver, I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Buonassisi. In fact, I had temporarily relocated to Ontario and considered having it done in Ontario, and after doing extensive research, decided to fly back home to Vancouver to get my rhinoplasty under Dr. Buonassisi’s care because he was so highly regarded. Let me tell you, he lives up to the hype, and more – seriously! I had injured my nose due to a bad fall, and had lost so much confidence because this injury was so apparent – right in the middle of my face! My injury made me not want to look in the mirror, and altered my appearance – I didn’t look like ME anymore. When I consulted with Dr. Buonassisi, I told him I just wanted as close to my old nose as possible – I think my direct quote was, “I just want to look like my parent’s daughter again!”. My surgery was life-changing. My nose looks exactly like it did before. I look like myself again – and can look in the mirror with a smile again! Dr. Buonassisi is not just a surgeon, he is an artist, and that’s what you need when you get rhinoplasty. On top of it, he has an amazing bedside manner, made me feel so comfortable, and is just a warm and friendly person.

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Laurie G

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