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O2 Hyperbaric Centre
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Dieppe, NB

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Welcome to O2 Hyperbaric Center, situated in Dieppe, New Brunswick. As Atlantic Canada's pioneering private hyperbaric center, we take pride in offering specialized treatment for conditions involving inflammation and hypoxia. Our state-of-the-art facility is dedicated to providing innovative hyperbaric therapy, creating a supportive environment where individuals can experience the benefits of advanced medical care. At O2 Hyperbaric Center, we are committed to enhancing well-being by addressing the unique challenges posed by inflammation and hypoxia, offering a cutting-edge solution in the heart of the Atlantic region.

About O2 Hyperbaric Centre

Danica Gautreau NP: Owner/Operator and HBOT Certified Clinical Director of O2 Hyperbaric Center, brings a wealth of knowledge and dedication to her role. Originally from Eel River Crossing and a loving mother of three beautiful kids, Danica’s interests span health, the outdoors, and the arts. With a bachelor’s degree in nursing sciences in 2012 and a master’s degree in nursing sciences in 2017, she has accumulated eight years of valuable experience in healthcare. Danica has also pursued specialized studies in hyperbaric medicine, earning certification as an HBOT operator and prescriber. Her commitment to excellence is evident in her role as the Clinical Director at O2 Hyperbaric Center, where she leads with expertise and a passion for advancing health and well-being.

Jason Cormier PCP: Director of Operations and HBOT Safety at O2 Hyperbaric Center. A Primary Care Paramedic (PCP) with a profound passion for medicine and teaching, Jason brings over 16 years of extensive experience in Emergency Services to his role. In addition to his clinical expertise, he has served as an educator, teaching various courses at the college level to both civilians and military Paramedics. Beyond his medical background, Jason also possesses a wealth of knowledge in management and business coaching. His diverse interests include music, woodworking, and camping. As a devoted father of two and husband to a nurse, Jason plays a pivotal role in overseeing Operations and Safety at Medicalux, as well as contributing to the operations and maintenance of O2 Hyperbaric Center. His multifaceted skills and commitment to excellence make him an invaluable asset to the healthcare and operational aspects of both Medicalux and O2 Hyperbaric Center.

Chantal Boudreau: Medical Secretary at O2 Hyperbaric Center. With a heartfelt commitment to health and a healthy lifestyle, Chantal brings her caring nature to her role. A dedicated mother of two beautiful children, Alex (13 years old) and Émilie (11 years old), she has a background as a medical secretary. After her first pregnancy, Chantal devoted her career to her kids, opening her daycare where she has nurtured and cared for multiple children for the past 10 years. As her children grow older, Chantal embarks on a new adventure with O2 Hyperbaric Center, contributing her administrative and accounting expertise to support the clinic. Her nurturing spirit and administrative proficiency make her a valuable addition to the O2 Hyperbaric Center team.

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