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East Ottawa Dental

Dr. Basel Zbib
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Ottawa, ON

Rated 5 out of 5
4 reviews

Dr. Basel Zbib is pleased to provide patients of all ages in the Ottawa community with the highest quality oral health care. With the use of cutting-edge technology and innovations in dental care, he ensures that his patients have a healthy and beautiful smile. His advanced knowledge and calming personality make every appointment at East Ottawa Dental a memorable experience. In order to meet the oral health needs of your entire family, he provides a variety of services, including preventive dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, oral surgery, dental implants, and more.


Recent Reviews

amazing experience

Rated 5 out of 5
7 months ago

I had an amazing experience taking my daughter to see Dr. Basel. My 5 year old is very shy and reluctant when it comes to any type of medical appointment. Dr. Zbib was great at making her feel at ease and I was surprised to see how easily she adjusted during her visit. He was able to do a full check up on her teeth and she finished feeling great about her visit to the dentist. It was such a relief !

Avatar for Sarah H
Sarah H


Rated 5 out of 5
7 months ago

I’m very happy with East Ottawa Dental & highly recommend them. Prompt and friendly communication, always willing to help and put you at ease. The staff are very knowledgeable; they explain everything and never leave me with questions. Dr. Zbib is gentle and takes his time to ensure everything he does is done to perfection. 10/10

Avatar for Miss B
Miss B

Dr. Zbib is a fantastic dentist

Rated 5 out of 5
7 months ago

Dr. Zbib is a fantastic dentist. He is extremely compassionate, caring, and treats his patients like family. Excited for Dr. Zbib and his team at East Ottawa Dental!

Avatar for Mohamad S
Mohamad S

Thoroughly impressed!

Rated 5 out of 5
7 months ago

I had the pleasure of visiting Dr. Zbib and I must say, I was thoroughly impressed! The clinic is modern and clean, and the staff is friendly and knowledgeable. I highly recommend this new dental office to anyone in need of excellent dental care.

Avatar for Adib D
Adib D

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