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Is LASIK Eye Surgery Covered by Insurance?

Laser eye surgery is more popular than ever. This revolutionary procedure makes your life easier, allowing you to live without dependency on glasses. 

But, can LASIK eye surgery be covered by insurance? And, what is the best way to pay for LASIK? These common questions come up time and time again, so we’re here to help you understand your options.  

Typically, laser eye surgery does end up as an out-of-pocket cost. However, many ask, “Is LASIK eye surgery covered by insurance?” Sometimes, it can be. Of course, every situation depends on the patient, procedure, and equipment, so consult a professional for tailored advice.  

Whether you’re new to LASIK, or perhaps you’ve been considering this transformative procedure for a while, keep on reading. We’ve got everything you need to know. 

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What is the Cost of Laser Eye Surgery in Canada?

Financing Options for Laser Eye Surgery

How Can Beautifi Help?

What is the Cost of Laser Eye Surgery in Canada? 

More people would opt for laser eye surgery if great vision were cheap! But unfortunately, this procedure is costly, leaving many Canadians Googling “Is LASIK covered by insurance in Canada?”  

However, before we jump into the nitty-gritty of the financing options, we’ll quickly break down the costs for this crucial procedure.  

The price for laser eye surgery in Canada can vary dramatically. Some more basic procedures can start at a mere $500, but the average price for this treatment sits around $2000 per eye. Additionally, costs of refractive lens exchange often sit at higher price points than the actual surgery. 

The overall cost of laser eye surgery can be broken down into various factors. These tend to include: 

  • The surgeon’s experience  
  • Laser technology used
  • Vision prescription strength
  • Surgical procedure time

It’s also important to note that general pricing and packages vary depending on your chosen provider. One clinic may offer a better rate than another, so make sure you take time to shop around for deals and prices that suit your budget first, and then ask, “How much does LASIK cost with insurance?” 

When breaking down the cost of laser eye surgery in Canada, it’s also essential to consider pre and post-op consultations. Most packages will include these meetings within the final price, but it’s always better to ask before jumping in.  

Additional costs to note include post-surgery medication, protective glasses, bandage contact lenses, and other post-operative needs. You may even need future surgeries to top up your eye health, so figure out whether you want to keep spending in the future too. 

Is laser eye surgery covered by insurance? Keep on reading to explore the financing options for laser eye surgery. 

Financing Options for Laser Eye Surgery 

Ready to start your laser eye surgery journey? Before you jump into one plan, make sure you take time to explore the different financing options. There are often more options than you may expect regarding the best way to pay for LASIK.  

Have you wondered, “Can Lasik eye surgery be covered with insurance?” We, unfortunately, have some not-so-great news. Many consider laser eye surgery an elective procedure, meaning insurance policies don’t cover it.  

But, all hope is not lost! Laser eye surgery is an eligible expense of a Health Spending Account (also known as an HSA). Thanks to this scheme, the laser eye surgery cost can be taken as a pre-tax expense, leaving you with less to pay. This is ideal for small business owners, as medical costs can become pre-tax business expenses.  

Alternative options for Canadian residents include secured and unsecured personal loans. However, no loan is the same, so if you opt to borrow money to cover your LASIK procedure, ensure you get professional financial advice to keep up with the repayments.  

Additionally, LASIK offers in-house financing with its own accounts team. This route is split into a few options: an 18-month plan, a 24-month plan, or a 5-year one. The shorter two loans don’t come with interest, but the 5-year plan does include interest when you start repaying the costs.  

At the end of the day, there are always numerous options to cover your laser eye surgery. If you’re confused, Beautifi is here to help.  

How Can Beautifi Help? 

Choosing a financing plan for an elective procedure can be confusing. 

Unfortunately, many insurance companies don’t offer options for laser eye surgery due to its elective nature. If you’ve wondered, “Is laser eye surgery covered by insurance?” Let us help you find the solution that fits your finances best. 

Here at Beautifi, we believe that finding the procedure that suits you is an exciting experience! Don’t let confusing financing hold you back; our team of experts is here to guide you to the plan that meets your needs. From finding a doctor to giving detailed information about the procedures, Beautifi can help. Our flexible financing process is here to take the stress away. Find out more about how our process works or apply today through our online application form. 

LASIK eye surgery can be life-changing, so let us help you through the transformation. If you want to proceed on your journey to 20/20 vision with the comfort of secured financing, contact us today.