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BEAUTIFI – Official Sponsor of CSAPS 2022 

Vancouver, BC, September 19, 2022 – CSAPS 2022, the premier annual event of the Canadian Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery to be held in Toronto between September 29 – October 2, 2022, will feature Beautifi as one of the main event sponsors. With over 200 attendees that will include leading plastic surgeons, medical aestheticians, and surgical assistants from across Canada, the event will cover surgical and non-surgical topics.  

Beautifi is proud to support this special industry event and will be exhibiting at booth #213. Beautifi’s innovative financing solutions have enabled hundreds of Canadians access to surgical procedures that were previously unfeasible. Through Beautifi, Canadians now have access to valuable resources to guide them in learning about cosmetic procedures, speaking to financial experts and selecting a financing option to help them realize their goals. 

Access to credible resources on elective procedures through the Beautifi platform and social media channels allow patients to educate themselves on procedures they are considering. Once identifying the procedure, individuals can learn about providers, and if necessary, finance some or all of their procedures with Beautifi.  

Beautifi is proud to partner with CSAPS and to support, sponsor, and participate in the 2022 event.  

About Beautifi 

Beautifi is an innovative financial technology company offering flexible financing and a digital marketplace for connecting individuals with top surgeons. Beautifi’s plastic surgery and cosmetic procedure financing is predicated on affordable payment options and flexible funding solutions. Beautifi offers the only connected marketplace in Canada with an integrated financing solution for elective surgeries.