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Scar Revision

  • Standard Recovery Time:
    1 week +
  • Average Cost:
    $500 -$1,100
  • Anesthesia Required:
  • Monthly Payments Starting From:
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About Scar Revision

Scar revision reduces the visibility of a scar. While scars are a natural part of the healing process in human tissue, they can become excessively wide, elevated, indented, irregularly shaped, or discoloured over time. Scars affect many individuals and can occur after trauma, surgery, or anytime the skin is compromised. Scar revision offers a solution to reducing their appearance.

Commonly asked questions about Scar Revision

Before undertaking any procedure, you will want to be confident in your knowledge. Find the details on Scar Revision here.

1. What is scar revision?

Scar revision cannot eliminate scarring but can reduce the final appearance of a scar. The removal of scars can be done using a variety of techniques, and these techniques are frequently combined with other medical procedures like laser therapy to reduce the prominence of the scarring. Individuals who are unhappy with their scar or whose scar is causing significant irritation may seek scar revision.

2. Am I a good candidate for scar revision?

Individuals in good overall health and have one or more scars they find visually unappealing are good candidates for scar revision. Ideal candidates for scar revision may also meet some of the following characteristics:

  • Have an excessively wide scar
  • Have an irregular shaped scar
  • Have a scar that notably protrudes or is indented from the surrounding skin
  • Have a scar that is significantly lighter or darker in color than the surrounding skin
  • Does not have medical conditions that impedes healing or increases surgical risks
  • Non-smoker or willing to quit
  • Have realistic goals and expectations

3. What are the common types of scar revision procedures?

The procedure recommended by your preferred provider will be based on the type of scar you have and the scar removal methods available. There are three types of scars, atrophic, hypertrophic, and keloid. The characteristics of the scar will determine how easy or difficult it is to remove them. Scar revision may also include topical treatments and subdermal injections to change the colour and texture of the scar tissue.

Some common types of scar revision procedures include:

  • Microdermabrasion – This method abrades the skin by exfoliating and resurfacing it. A serum is commonly applied through the device to hydrate and plump the skin.
  • Laser Resurfacing/ Therapy – The laser’s heat gently breaks down tissue beneath the skin, causing the skin to heal by producing collagen.
  • Dermal Fillers – Dermal fillers can be injected into scars to “push out” the skin and eliminate indentation.
  • Macro – and micro – needling – The radiofrequency treatment uses hundreds of incredibly tiny needles to create “micro-injuries,” aiding in the treatment of scars.
  • Silicone Gel – Silicone hydrates the scarred area, reducing collagen production, which is what forms scar tissue.

4. What is recovery like after scar revision?

In general, recovery time after a scar revision procedure is very short. Unless the scar is in a location that would interfere with daily activities, patients can usually return to work the next day. Patients may experience minor pain, swelling, bruising, and odd coloration for 1 to 2 weeks, depending on the nature of the scar and its location. As healing progresses, it is critical that you follow the instructions provided by your preferred physician to reduce further scarring.

5. How long do results last?

Scar revision may be effective in reducing the final appearance of many scars. However, in certain cases, it will not completely remove a scar. Understanding your goals and determining whether they can be met through scar revision can increase the likelihood of a successful surgical outcome.

6. What are the risks of scar revision?

Scar revision is a relatively safe treatment, but with any procedure there are risks. Some of the risks and side effects include, but are not limited too:

  • Infection and bleeding
  • Scar recurrence or worsening
  • Anesthesia

7. How much does scar revision cost in Canada?

The cost of scar revision will vary from patient to patient depending on the type of treatment, and the complexity of the procedure. The cost of scar revision in Canada is between $500 to $1,100.

8. Is a scar revision worth it?

158/165 of people who have undergone scar revision have rated the procedure “Worth It” (96%).