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Emsculpt / Emsculpt Neo

  • Standard Recovery Time:
    1 - 3 Days
  • Average Cost:
    $750 - $1,000
  • Anesthesia Required:
  • Monthly Payments Starting From:
Emsulpt Financing in Canada from Beautifi

About Emsculpt / Emsculpt Neo

Emsculpt is a fat-burning, muscle-building, non-invasive, body-sculpting procedure. It works by delivering high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy (HIFEM) pulses to muscle tissue, causing muscle contractions that activate more muscle fibers than conventional exercise can.

Commonly asked questions about Emsculpt / Emsculpt Neo

1. What is Emsculpt/Emsculpt Neo?

Emsculpt is a fat-burning, muscle-building, non-invasive, body-sculpting procedure. It works by delivering high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy (HIFEM) pulses to muscle tissue, causing muscle contractions that activate more muscle fibers than conventional exercise can.

The large muscular groups of the abdomen and buttocks and smaller body parts such as the upper arms, thighs, and calves can be tightened, toned, and strengthened with this nonsurgical treatment. As a result, there is more muscle definition and a smaller circumference.

Emsculpt Neo is a fat-burning device that combines enhanced HIFEM technology with radiofrequency energy in the form of heat to effectively burn fat.

Emsculpt Neo is FDA-approved for lipolysis (fat removal) of the thighs, and it can treat all of the same areas as the original device. To avoid the volume loss that comes with fat reduction, treatment of the buttocks, arms, and calves is usually done without heat.

2. Am I a good candidate for Emsculpt?

You may be a good candidate for Emsculpt if you:

  • Have a healthy lifestyle/work out consistently
  • Have less than an inch of pinchable fat in the treatment area
  • Are recovering from specific injuries but want to stay in shape
  • Are seeking an alternative to plastic surgery
  • Suffer from Diastasis Recti – a condition where your abdominal muscles separate and create a belly pouch

You may not be a good candidate if you:

  • Are severely overweight/obese
  • Are pregnant
  • Have an implanted metal device such as an IUD or Pacemaker

3. How does Emsculpt/Emsculpt Neo Work?

Undergoing just one session of Emsculpt can produce nearly 20,000 muscle contractions, and one session of Emsculpt Neo produces approximately 24,000. Contracting muscles repeatedly without rest causes fast changes at the molecular level, resulting in increased muscular size and strength.

Lipolysis is the process that breaks down nearby fat cells to provide energy for so many muscle contractions. The contents of the damaged fat cells are released as free fatty acids, and as the cells eventually die, the lymphatic system naturally removes them over the next few weeks/month.

Emsculpt Neo combines enhanced electromagnetic energy with radiofrequency heat. The radiofrequency heat boosts blood supply to the muscles, which helps increase the number of muscle fibers and overall muscle volume.

Its radiofrequency energy also heats the fat layer to just above 42°C, which is when fat cells start to break down. The body metabolizes and removes severely damaged fat cells over the next few weeks, resulting in permanent fat loss.

4. How are Emsculpt and Emsculpt Neo performed?


When you arrive at your appointment, you will be instructed to lay down, and the applicators will be placed and strapped onto the treatment area.

If it is your first session, your doctor will start the device on the lowest setting. As the high-intensity electromagnetic energy is sent to the muscles, they will begin to contract powerfully. The sensation is usually described as strange or odd, but you should not feel any pain.

Emsculpt Neo:

The Emsculpt Neo treatment is similar to the Emsculpt treatment. The only difference is, you will feel the Radiofrequency heat. The full intensity of the heat will be transmitted in the first 4 minutes.

On each applicator, there will be a sensor that will monitor your skin temperature to prevent burns. Your doctor will gradually increase the intensity to how much you can tolerate. The contractions will cycle through different stages, with some being rapid and light and some being slower and more intense. The machine will contract your muscles hundreds of thousands of times in just a few seconds.

Muscle contractions will be gradual but forceful during the final phase of therapy to flush out any toxins or lactic acid created throughout the procedure and assist in alleviating soreness.

5. How long does the procedure take?

If you’re having large areas treated, the session should last approximately 30 minutes, but if you’re having smaller areas treated, it should only take 20 minutes.

6. What is the recovery like after Emsculpt?

There is minimal to no downtime following treatment, and you will be able to immediately resume your normal activities. There is minor redness or soreness in the treated area in some rare cases, but this will subside in a few days/weeks.

7. When will I see the results?

People who are in good physical shape may notice changes within a few days of their first session. After the suggested four sessions, ideal candidates should feel stronger and see more muscle tone and fat reduction in the treated areas, with the best results showing after three months. It takes longer for final results to appear, especially in places with significant fat.

8. How many sessions will I need?

For best results, most patients require four 30-minute therapy sessions spaced two to three days apart.

9. How long do the results last?

You can expect your results to last six months to a year, but it is recommended that you maintain them by following a balanced diet and exercising regularly. If you exercise frequently (including strength training) and get six-monthly follow-up treatments, your results will last longer.

10. How much does Emsculpt/Emsculpt Neo cost in Canada?

The price of Emsculpt and Emsculpt Neo varies on the number of treatments and how many areas are being treated. However, on average, it costs $750 to $1000 per session.

11. What are the risks of Emsculpt or Emsculpt Neo?

There have been no documented Emsculpt side effects. However, the treatment is still relatively new, so we don’t know much about its long-term repercussions, such as how high-intensity electromagnetic energy might harm your organs over time.

12. Is Emsculpt/Emsculpt Neo worth it?

293/350 people who have undergone Emsculpt/Emsculpt Neo have rated the procedure “Worth It” (84%)