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Beautifi Key Differentiators

At Beautifi, we offer a set of unique features that set us apart from the competition. From our soft-pull credit checks that ensure no risk to patients’ credit scores, to our tech-enabled customer journey that enhances the client experience, we are committed to delivering unparalleled service. Our platform is not just about financing; it’s about creating a seamless connection between patients and medical professionals, ensuring that every interaction is smooth, efficient, and beneficial for all parties involved.

Soft Pull Credit Checks

We offer soft-pull credit checks, meaning there is no risk for patients to apply as it does not affect their credit score. Soft-pull credit checks happen in real time, allowing applicants to receive an instant credit decision. 

Tech-Enabled Customer Journey

We continue to invest heavily into our already industry-leading product and technology. Our customizable and personalized client journeys increase client experience and conversion.

Top-Tier Customer Service 

Competitors aren’t servicing clients – above and beyond is our expectation. We pride ourselves on delivering top-tier customer service, ensuring every client feels valued and supported. Our dedicated team goes above and beyond to address concerns and provide solutions, providing prompt, pleasant, and professional service to each of our clients.

Integrated Marketplace

Beautifi is the only platform offering a connected marketplace with an integrated patient financing solution​. Our marketplace offers a connected space where patients can browse through hundreds of medical professionals based on filters like location, specialties, procedures, and reviews.

Financing with Zero Cost to Clinics

There is no cost to clinics to offer Beautifi as a financing solutions for their patients, and no cost when patients work with Beautifi to fund a procedure​.

Higher Approval Amounts and Longer Maximum Terms

Beautifi provides both patients and clinics with each applicant’s max approval allowing for upselling of treatments and packages.

Support and Training for Clinic Managers

Beautifi has designed and optimized our funding process to minimize the work required from your team, and to provide a seamless experience for our partner clinics, and their patients. We provide online training sessions for clinic managers to easily integrate Beautifi to your clinic.

Branding and Design

Beautifi creates custom clinic profiles and custom branded loan applications for our partners to bring new patients through your doors. In addition to this, we create custom co-branded collateral that showcases low monthly payment options for the treatments of your choosing to display in waiting or treatment rooms. Promoting treatment packages is not only more affordable for the patient on the day of the visit, but also locks in the customer to that clinic for multiple treatments and increasing the amount spent.

Direct and Guaranteed Payments to Clinics

Once your patient has been approved, we send payment to your clinic directly via EFT prior to the procedure date. Receive funding confirmations including the amount, patient name and date.

Fixed-Term Loans with Predetermined Monthly Payments

Our term loans are designed with a fixed monthly payment that will pay off the loan in full within the specified time. Additionally, the interest on term loans is recalculated on a monthly basis, leading to a gradual decrease in the interest amount paid each month.

Integrated Partnerships with Clinics and Providers

We create collaborative relationships with a vested interest in our partner’s success. By integrating ourselves with partner processes, we are there to support the patient’s customer journey. Our commitment to open communication with partners and patients provides a seamless experience for all three parties. Become a partner today!