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Am I A Good Candidate For Liposuction?

There’s more to liposuction than determining the plastic surgery cost, exploring different types of cosmetic surgery financing in Canada, and comparing payment plans for plastic surgery procedures.

You must also prove to your surgeon that you’re a suitable candidate for the operation. And how exactly do you do that?

Table of Contents

How Close Are You To Your Ideal Weight?

Is Your Skin In Good Condition For Liposuction?

Do You Have Time For The Procedure And Recovery?

What Cosmetic Surgery Financing Options Are Available?

Find The Best Way To Finance Cosmetic Surgery With Beautifi

Here’s a run-through of the requirements:

● You have achieved or are near your weight goal.

● You can set aside time for both the procedure and the recovery.

● Your skin is elastic enough to spring back into place when pinched.

● You have found plastic surgeons that offer financing options.

● You know how financing liposuction procedures are done in Canada.

From your ideal body weight before the procedure to the best way to finance cosmetic surgery so you can go ahead with it, we break down every aspect of liposuction. This will guide you on what to expect and, more importantly, help you decide whether it’s right for you.

How Close Are You To Your Ideal Weight?

Before you can schedule a liposuction procedure, your surgeon will ensure you’re in good health. This means you have no life-threatening illness or other medical conditions that could impair or complicate the healing process.

Your plastic surgeon will also sit down with you to discuss your expectations. They will determine if you have specific body contouring goals and a positive outlook before they deem you a good candidate for liposuction.

Ideally, liposuction patients are nonsmokers — smoking is a common cause of post-surgical complications. Nevertheless, smokers may be considered for the operation if they’re willing to quit for a required period before and after the surgery.

But these aren’t the only qualifications that will establish your readiness for liposuction. Before scheduling the procedure, you must also be within 30% of your ideal weight.

Remember: Liposuction is not a fast pass to your weight loss journey.

This isn’t an instant solution for overweight and obese patients, either. Instead, it cleans up the stubborn fat deposits that don’t respond well to your diet and exercise, even if you follow a strict fitness routine and nutritional plan.

If this is the case for you, start looking into your plastic surgery loan options!

Is Your Skin In Good Condition For Liposuction?

Aside from being close to your ideal body weight, you must also have good muscle tone and firm, elastic skin — equally important.

Liposuction requires skin elasticity because it removes a significant volume of fat from targeted body parts, such as your abdomen, thighs, and buttocks. However, it doesn’t remove the loose skin in the surrounding areas. As a result, elastic skin might not retract or shrink completely in these sections, but it helps minimize sagging.

Your skin will be tugged around in different ways to eliminate unwanted fat. It needs sufficient elasticity to bounce back after getting stretched by your body fat and the liposuction procedure.

That said, reconsider your options if cellulite or saggy skin bothers you.

Also, no matter how elastic your skin is, don’t expect it to remain taut and wrinkle-free immediately after the operation. It will take some time to mold back to your body.

Keep in mind that liposuction fat reduction might result in a lumpy body contour. Don’t worry; it can be corrected by cosmetic procedures aimed at skin lifting and tightening.

Do You Have Time For The Procedure And Recovery?

It’s one thing to secure plastic surgery financing and have the resources for your much-awaited liposuction procedure. But it’s another matter entirely to dedicate some time in your schedule for it, plus the recovery time afterward and the subtle changes to your routine to ensure lasting results.

How Long Is Liposuction Procedure And Recovery?

The surgery can take a few hours, depending on the area you’re targeting. While local anesthesia is enough for some cases, surgeons might recommend administering general anesthesia for more invasive procedures. And because general anesthesia puts you to sleep, it reduces the immediate recovery time.

Most patients can expect to return to work or their daily routine within a day or two. Nevertheless, they must be more mindful when moving around because the operation usually involves temporary bruising and swelling.

Skin irregularities and uneven texture are also typical at this time, but those will clear up soon.

When Will Results Start To Show?

Bruising and swelling will subside within a few weeks, and you will see the results in a few months. You can reduce the swelling and ensure the surgeon’s work remains intact by wearing a compression garment for several weeks or months.

This would be an excellent time to ask yourself if you can free up time for all possible procedures to help you reach your ideal body, like a tummy tuck.

Although liposuction removes excess fat, it isn’t an all-in-one contouring method — in this case, you might consider getting a tummy tuck to complement it. This surgery tightens and eliminates the excess skin left behind by liposuction fat removal.

What Cosmetic Surgery Financing Options Are Available?

Once you qualify as a good candidate for a liposuction procedure, the next step is to think about how you will pay for it. In most cases, patients will look for liposuction financing options or plastic surgery loans in Canada.

Getting a cosmetic surgery loan is like financing a nose job, finding finance for a tummy tuck, searching online for botox payment plans near me, or securing breast implant financing in Canada — it’s not the easiest thing to do, but it isn’t impossible, either.

You simply need to locate a dependable provider of cosmetic surgery financing in Canada. Beautifi, for example, offers flexible plastic surgery loans. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will listen to your concerns and assess your situation so we can provide you with the most feasible liposuction financing options.

Find The Best Way To Finance Cosmetic Surgery With Beautifi

Your liposuction payment plan could cost anywhere from $4,000 to $10,000, depending on the procedures you’re getting, the areas you’re targeting, and the sizes of the sections you want to address. It’s best to discuss these matters thoroughly with your surgeon so they can give you a more accurate estimate of the total plastic surgery cost.

Once that’s settled, Beautifi will make your liposuction procedure accessible. You can also count on us to assist you in financially preparing for it. We’ll also address all your concerns regarding plastic surgery financing in Canada.

Why Choose Beautifi Financing Options?

Here, you can get $25,000+ plastic surgery loans in Canada with no money down or prepayment penalties. And to make it even more convenient for you, our liposuction monthly payments are affordable and flexible to your needs.

If you’ve decided on getting liposuction but have no idea where to find a reliable surgeon, Beautifi can help you find cosmetic surgeons near you.

Learn more about how cosmetic procedure financing works at Beautifi. Then, when you’re ready, don’t hesitate to reach out to us about the best cosmetic surgery financing rates or you can proceed to our online application process!